30 and getting younger. That’s the story of Polar today – this year Polar wore a contemporary new look and glossed up its offerings keeping the same goal of bringing out a smile, making moments a little special with its innovative range of tasty and quality ice creams.

Back in 1987 when Polar started, the story however was quite different-one with remarkable farsightedness and wisdom. It all started when Mr Amanullah Miah, a visionary businessman decided to offer modern and good quality ice cream in a rising economy with many young people. Undaunted by the extent of challenge, he summoned experts from Denmark to help set up a plant capable of making international standard ice creams in his city of choice – Dhaka.

The 3rd story is a story of pragmatism. In 2009, to further strengthen its foothold, the business welcomed Mr. Nazim Uddin Ahmed, a successful entrepreneur as a new partner. An engineer and a business graduate, he introduced many modern management philosophies and embedded a thriving performance culture on the foundations of a world-class food safety management approach. Under his stewardship, Polar became the 1st ISO 22000:2005 certified company in dairy category in Bangladesh.

Polar is grateful to all of its patrons for their support.